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Nugenesis Dip Powder (43g) - NudeElle - Nude 06 Kate

Dip powder is an innovative application to traditional acrylic and liquid gel that's loved by consumers and nail & beauty professionals. Our innovative nail dip powder uses organically processed powder products combined with liquids enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E to give you strong, durable nails with a shine that really lasts.

NuGenesis Nails is non-toxic and odor free, with no harmful primers. Our products are developed by nail & beauty industry experts to create natural and environmentally-friendly dipping powders of the highest quality

12 natural shades of dip powder for every wonder woman. These shades have been professionally developed for all skin colors.  It's a staple for everyday wear, special occasions, workdays, and romantic encounters.

Actual color may differ slightly from photos due to different monitor settings.

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