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Sharonelle Microwaveable Natural Depilatory Wax (16oz/473ml) - Tea Tree Oil

Sharonelle Microwave Natural Honey Soft Wax - 16oz

  • Low temperature melting wax
  • For Professional Use Only


1. Open container of wax and place it in a microwave.
2. Allow wax to melt completely. Heat to lukewarm temperature. Stir for even consistency.
3. Test the wax for correct temperature.
4. Clean the area to be treated with the Sharonelle pre wax cleansing gel.
5. With a spatula apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth.
6. Place c cotton / pellon strip on wax covered area and rub firmly in direction of hair growth.
7. Stretch the skin with on hand, and with the other pull strip in a snappy movement against hair growth.
8. Apply Sharonelle after wax soothing lotion when treatment is completed.


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