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CND Plexigel Builder Gel (15ml/0.5oz) - Oat Milk

Designed for a versatile and convenient multi-problem solution for nails, CND PLEXIGEL® COLOR BUILDER technology provides 3+ weeks of strength, length, and shape in a variety of neutral shades. Now you can Fill It, Fix It, Shape It, and Build it with Color. CND PLEXIGEL® COLOR BUILDERS, five buildable shades: Porcelain, Oat Milk, Soft Blush, Spiced Taffy, and Milky Mauve for a variety of skin tones. Backed by science deeply rooted in nail health, the CND PLEXIGEL® System is formulated to shape, build, and protect nails with no nail damage.

Product Benefits

  • Nail Professionals will have the ability to build a natural nail using PLEXIGEL® COLOR BUILDER and save on service time by having enhancements and color all in one, without the need for an additional color layer on top. 
  • Clients will be able to have length and strength added to their nails in a natural shade that matches their skin tone using one of the 5 new shades.
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